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The Takaful Insurance is founded on the cooperative principle and on the principle of separation between the funds and operations of shareholders, thus passing the ownership of the Takaful (Insurance) fund and operations to the policyholders.

How General Takaful Works

General Takaful refers to the Islamic concept where you contribute a sum of money to a Takaful fund in the form of participative contribution (tabarru’).

You undertake a contract (aqad) to become one of the participants by agreeing to mutually help each other, should any of the participants suffer any form of misfortune, either arising from death, permanent disability, loss, damage or any other such misfortunes as covered under the Takaful you personally undertake.

The Contributions collected from the policyholders are considered as donations and they constitute the Takaful fund from which all claims are reimbursed.

At the end of each financial year, after deduction of expenses, any remaining cash surplus will not be retained by the company or its shareholders, but returned to the policyholders in the form of cash dividends or distributions.

In this respect, Takaful business is different from the conventional insurance in which the policyholders, rather than the shareholders, solely benefit from the profits generated from the Takaful and Investment assets.

The Investment assets representing the Takaful fund that accumulate over the retained reserves, surpluses and provisions are invested by the shareholders who manage the company on behalf of the policyholders. The shareholders are rewarded with a percentage of the profit on these investments.

Wakala & Mudarabah Model (Hybrid Model) A combination of the principal – agent (Wakala) and principal – manager (mudarabah) arrangement. Wakala is used for underwriting activities and mudarabah is used for investment activities.

20 January 2014   Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co. P.S.C Receives the ‘Takaful Insurer of the Year’Award at the MENAIR InsuranceAwards 2014
Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co. P.S.C received the ‘Takaful Insurer of the Year’award for the MENA regionat the prestigiousMENAIR InsuranceAwards 2014held onWednesday, 15 January 2014, in Dubai, UAE.
10 November 2013   Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company Reports Nine Months 2013 Net Profit of AED 31.2 MN
(“TAKAFUL”) posted a Net Profit for period ended 30 Sept. 2013 of AED 31.2 million compared to AED 23.1 million same period last year, representing a growth of 35%.
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